Twenty-seven year old Englishman Bob Adkin meets twenty-five year old Ruth Eagel near the British Embassy in Berlin in 1935, just as Ruth is being confronted by several Nazi blackshirts. They are both journalists, trying to inform their home countries about the violent changes sweeping across Europe. Two years later, they meet again in the thick of the Spanish Civil War. In a period of leave in Barcelona, they marry, and by the time they escape into southern France with the help of Republican soldiers, Ruth is pregnant.
In a derelict French farmhouse, their daughter Susannah is born, at the same time as the son of a wounded Spanish woman, another refugee from the Civil War, is born just before she dies of her injuries. The Adkins adopt the Spanish boy alongside their daughter, and name the day ‘Gemini Day’.

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Howell Grange by Bruce Harris, a story of a Northern mine-owning family set in the mid-nineteenth century, was published by the Book Guild on October 28th 2019.

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Published by the Book Guild on January 28th 2020

Sixteen 'rites of passage' short stories aimed at raising funds for the
Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation -

Foreword by the Chief Executive of the HDYO.

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The author’s interest in helping HD charities is as a result of his civil partner being diagnosed with HD in 2016. Having published three books in aid of the Huntington’s Disease Association, he feels it is now time to make an effort for the HDYO. HD is often misunderstood as an ‘old people’s disease’, which it is not, and contracting it in younger years is likely to make it more serious.

HDYO Article on 'Fallen Eagles'

First Flame 

Published by Sentinel Poetry Movement 2013  

Twenty five short stories, all winners of prizes, commendations or listings in competitions.

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The Guy Thing

Fifteen stories concerning how men young and old, gay and straight, deal with the various crises, problems and situations in their lives.
Published 2018 by Linnet’s Wings

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Odds Against

Published by Earlyworks Press 2017. Proceeds in aid of the Huntington’s Disease Association.

Fifteen stories, all winning prizes, commendations or listings in short story competitions, about people who are ‘up against it’ in various ways.  

Reviews: Sandra Danby Kay Green
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Published by Artificium 2017. Proceeds in aid of the H.D.A. A selection of poems, including a number winning prizes, commendations or listings in poetry competitions.  

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The Huntington Hydra

Published by the Recusant 2019. Proceeds in aid of the H.D.A. Sixty poems on various themes, but predominantly the experience of Bruce and his partner in relation to Huntington’s Disease.

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International Times

Raised Voices

Fifty published and award-winning poems on subjects, humorous and serious, which have raised their voices to demand the poet’s attention.
Published Tohunga/Lulu 2014

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