Bruce Harris Poetry Awards


Living Well Poetry Competition 2019

Sweet Memories’ and ‘New Day in Spain’ selected for inclusion in anthology, to be published in aid of Isabel Hospice.

Momaya Press Annual Review
‘Us’ and ‘The Undefeated’ chosen from competition to appear in Review

Momaya Press Poetry Competition 2018

Us’ and ‘The Undefeated’ selected for anthology

Nantwich Festival Competition 2016
'Daniel's Shore' commended.

First Writer Competition 2016
‘Partying’ – commendation and publication.

Artificium ‘In Brief’ Competition 2016
‘Yer Ides’ wins 1st prize

Artificium Competition 2015 
‘Plastic Toys in Cereals: An Updating’ wins 2nd prize

Fylde Writers’ Competition 2014 
‘Vivaldi and the Metro: Pride in Survival’ – in shortlist of ten 

Havant Literary Festival Competition 2014
‘Admission Times Five’ – shortlisted and displayed at the Festival

 Wirral Festival of Firsts Competition 2013
‘One For The Road’ wins 2nd prize 

Flash 500 Humour Verse 2013 Competition
‘Viva El Devon’ - shortlisted

Flash 500 Humour Verse 2012 Competition 
‘A Dramatic Interlude’ wins 2nd prize
‘Pebbles on the Beach’ shortlisted

Sentinel Poetry Movement 2012 Build Africa Competition
‘Finding Edna’ is highly commended


New Writer 2012 Competition
'Swimmer and Fisher' wins 'honourable mention' in judge's report

2011 – I withdrew from poetry competitions, though some poetry was published in magazines. My thought at the time was to concentrate exclusively on short fiction for competition purposes, but I eventually decided that if there were two strings to the bow, I might as well play both of them!

Poetry Magazines site
‘Poor People’s Houses’ and ‘Death of Mr Thorne’ selected to appear on compendium Poetry Magazines site for the magazine Fire! 

JB Writers’ Bureau 2010 Competition
‘Rooms’ and ‘Doctor Dear’ both highly commended

Fylde Writers’ 2010 Competition
‘Urban Player’ shortlisted

Grace Dieu Writers’ Circle 2010 Competition
‘Aliens Coming to Earth: Advice on Timing’ shortlisted 

Indigo Dreams 2010 Competition
‘Death of the Speed Camera’ commended

Milton Keynes’ Speakeasy Writers’ Circle 2010 Competition
‘Philip Dancing’ wins 2nd prize
‘Chaos’ is highly commended

Sentinel Poetry Movement Swale Life 2010 Competition
‘Commuter Computer’ wins 2nd prize