Print & Online Publications


The Huntington Hydra’, ‘Hospital’ and ‘Youtopia’ published in Sarasvati Issue 52 January to March 2019

‘Driftwood Dolly' and the 'Trouble Guy’ published in November 2019 edition of ‘Winamop

'The Guy Thing' published in summer 2018 edition of 'Linnet's Wings'

'A Real Scream' published in Spring 2018 edition of Words Magazine

'Yearning to Breathe Free' published in Winter 2017/18 issue of Linnet's Wings

'Losing Lyn' published in Issue 46 Autumn/Winter 2016 of Carillon magazine

'Jason’s Window' published in Issue 45 Summer 2016 of Carillon magazine

'Eye of the Beholder' highly commended in 2015 annual competition and published on site of Southport Writers’ Circle

'One Man’s Paradise' published in ‘Joy’ Issue of Red Line 2014

'Terms of Surrender' published in ‘Bodies’ Issue of Red Line 2014

'Me Too'published on Five Stop Story site Winter 2014.

'Demolition Day' published in Inkapture Magazine September 2013

'Blue Genes' published in Red Line ‘Power’ issue October 2013

'These Foolish Things' published on Five Stop Story site Summer 2013

'Special Delivery' published on Winamop site July 2013

'The Hollow' published in Vintage Script Summer Issue 2013

'Beyond The Autumn' published in Alliterati Autumn 2013

'Shedding the Tears' published in Fiction on the Web August 2013

'The Scheme of Things' published in Running Out of Ink June 2013

'The Vernon Inheritance' published in Vintage Script Spring 2013.

'To B. and B. or not to B. and B.' published on Fiction on the Web June 2012

'Thereabouts' published in Running Out of Ink March 2013

'Dawn' published in Indigo Rising February 2013.

'A Champion Reckoning' published in Fiction on the Web October 2012

'A Boy for July' published in Winamop August 2012 

'Double Vision' published in Hackwriters August 2012

'To B. and B. or not to B. and B.' published in Fiction on the Web June 2012

'The Art of Hearing' published on Cheer Reader Summer 2012

'Tuesday’s Demons' published in Gold Dust Issue 23 2013

'A Woodpecker on the Breeze' first published in First Flame anthology 2013

'Speaking of Syerson' first published in First Flame anthology 2013


'Across A Crowded Room' first published in First Flame anthology 2013

'Chasing Down Karelski' first published in First Flame anthology 2013

'Syd The Fella' first published in First Flame anthology 2013

'Appetites' published on site of Writers’ Bureau in 2008 and subsequently in First Flame anthology 2013

'Starting Blocks' published on site of Grace Dieu Writers’ Circle in 2008 and subsequently in First Flame anthology 2013

'The Light of Day' first published in First Flame anthology 2013 

'Cleaning Up' first published in First Flame anthology 2013

'Endgame' first published in First Flame anthology 2013

'Looking for Iago' published in Writer’s Muse Issue 68 2012

'At The End of The Day' published in Writer’s Muse Issue 66 2012 

'Letting Linda Go' published in Winamop January 2012

'Tearing Off A Strip' published in Cheer Reader Winter 2011

'The Family Gig' published in Cheer Reader Autumn 2011

'Escaping The Alien' published in Five Stop Story Autumn 2011

'First Flame' published in Hackwriters August 2011 

'Looking for Iago' published in Writer’s Muse Issue 68 2011

'Wardrobes' published in Ranfurly Review Issue 15 2011

'Lambing Night' published in Writer’s Muse Issue 64 2011

'Valeting' published in Ranfurly Review Issue 11 2010

'Concerned Strangers' published in Writer’s Muse Issue 60 2010

'Under the Stairs' published in Morbid Outlook January 2010

'Human Noise' published in Linnet’s Wings January 2010

'Country Ways' published in Writer’s Muse, Issue 51 2009

'Routines' published in Delivered Issue 22 2009 

'Mrs. Bennington’s Bottom Lines' published in Neonbeam Issue 8 2009

'A Face in the Window' published in Carillon, Issue 21 2008

'The Redfern Do' published in Delivered Issue 17 2008

'Hanging In' published in Delivered Christmas Edition 2007 

'Doing One’s Bit' published in Neonbeam Issue 3 2007