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Bruce Harris single author 50 poem collection, all poems having been either published or successful in competition or both. Self-published on 2014 with the kind assistance of Martin Kerr ISBN 978-1-291-95278-0

Bankenstein and A Question of Uniforms published in collection of poets in support of the Robin Hood Tax, edited Alan Morrison and Angela Topping 2012 and supported by the Recusant ISBN 978-0-9567544-7-9

Bruce Harris poems including many charting the experience of his partner’s Huntington’s Disease before and since diagnosis in October 2016, plus places visited and general subjects
Published 2019 by Caparison Books, imprint of The Recusant
ISBN 978-199937-460-0

Holiday Agendas and Viva El Devono published in competition anthology.
The Undefeated and Us published in competition anthology.

Bruce Harris miscellany of poetry both comic and serious.
Published 2017 by Artificium, now no longer publishing. Book can still be obtained from this site – see home page.

Print and Online Magazines

Final Offers published in Artificium Issue 5 2017

Yer Ides published in Artificium Issue 2 2016

Vivaldi and the Metro, Admission Times Five, Waterloo Bound published in Sarasvati Issue 40 2016

Plastic Toys in Cereals published in Artificium Issue 1 2015

Working Men’s Club, Sunderland 1969 published in Carillon Issue 40 2014

A Dramatic Interlude, Devon January published in Sarasvati Issue 35 2014

Aliens Coming to Earth: Advice on Timing published in The Linnet’s Wings Autumn 2014, as part of the review of Raised Voices

One for the Road, Tout Sweet, Day of the Dormouse, The Falcon’s Minute published in Sarasvati Issue 33 2014

Owed to the Banks, Up for the Hols, A Dramatic Interlude first published in Raised Voices 2014

Swimmer and Fisher first published in Raised Voices 2014

Watching England published in Carillon Issue 39 2014 

August Playground, Blue Suit Normal published in Winamop April 2014

Finding Edna, Sonnet for Coriolanus, Fresh Fruit and Veg published 
in Sarasvati Issue 29 2013 
Millie Elliott, You Know, Doing One’s Bit published in Winamop 2012 

Philip Dancing, Urban Player, Doctor Dear published in Sarasvati Issue 22 2012

Aliens Coming to Earth, A Yacht in the Bay, The Forrest Boy published in Winamop May 2012

Owed to the Banks, Up for the Hols, A Dramatic Interlude first published in Raised Voices 2014

The Perce, Seventies Staffroom published in Snakeskin March 2012

A Colliery Boyhood published in the Linnet’s Wings October 2011

Austerity Crusaders published in Daily Satire August 2011

Commuter Computer published on site of Swale Life 2011

Rooms in an Empty Palace published in the Recusant August 2011 

Early Devon published in Carillon Issue 30 2011

Lowry in Sunderland published in Carillon Issue 26 2010

Marbesa Morning published in Carillon Issue 25 2009

The Last Shift published in Carillon Issue 23 2009

Speaking Unto Nations: Holiday Afternoon, The Biffin Island Bomb published in Neonbeam Issue 5 2008 

Espanashire published in Neonbeam Issue 3 2007 

Sister at Sixty published in Iota Issue 80 2007

The Liberty of the People, Sunderland Win The Cup 1973, Easter Sunday, The Celebrity Virus published in Exposweb 2006

Anne Frank Museum, Anonymous Agnes, Miners and Students published in PW Review Autumn 2005

Poor People’s Houses, Death of Mr. Thorne published in Fire Issue 26 2005, and Poetry Magazines site 2007
Yanking the Tongue published in Black Rose Issue 23 2005

Mobile Moments published in Black Rose Issue 22 2004

Devon January published in Black Rose Issue 19 2004

First Teaching (P), published in Black Rose Issue 16 2003